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Goldie Estelle are her first 2 names and she was born in Amsterdam. Goldie comes from a family of fashion designers and was introduced into the world of fashion at an early age.

She finished 2 fashion academies and started her own brand together with her husband at the age of 23 in 2013.

The brand has ever since been growing and the goal is to introduce Goldie Estelle’s beautiful womenswear globally. And sells her brand in more than 150 stores in the Dutch Benelux.

Her passion is to make woman look and feel both stunning and elegant. She has eye for detail and there is a strong line of feminine silhouettes that emphasizes the female shapes and body.

You can find in every collection a range of gorgeous golden colored details such as logo engraved buttons, golden zippers and studs or other gold looking details to give every item a fabulous finishing touch.

The designs and production take place in the world city Istanbul, where Goldie Estelle and her husband travel often travel to, for the creation of every new collection.


Goldie Estelle makes you express your elegance. It gives you style with a bit of attitude. It brings out your sparkling fashion sense and it lets you show your uniqueness. You get a little of the unexpected. It is You!

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